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Live-In Care

Live in care is a better alternative to group homes and facilities, Eniola Care  live-in care programme offers world class care, in the comfort of your  home. Providing you with a well-trained carers  who gives around-the-clock care,  it means you or a loved one will have full time support and help without having to leave  the comfortability of your home.

Whether it is for illness or disability, people who need care thrive with at-home care. This is because it eliminates all the discomfort and anguish that comes with being uprooted from their familiar surroundings. Our live in care services provide excellent care in the home and assist with daily routine and chores such as: cleaning, running errands, laundry and cooking. This kind of support allows clients to retain a feeling of independence they wouldn't otherwise have.

Your live in carer is not only professional, but compassionate and therefore serves as a companion for our clients. While helping them with daily chores, they encourage, support and make sure clients continue to pursue hobbies and interests - which in turn helps them to maintain as normal and happy  life as possible.

Our carers  at Eniola Care  are meticulously screened, and matched perfectly to the client and their needs. This is to ensure that the care in the home is both beneficial and comfortable, with good communication and bonding that promotes companionship. Ensuring clients recover well after surgery or illness or continue to live as comfortably and independently as possible when long-term care is needed.

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