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"Eniola  Care provided 24 hour care for my Mother, Ruth Maxwell, during a ten day period in July 2017, covering during the absence of another carer." This was after my Mother had been diagnosed with a terminal condition, and was effectively bed-ridden in her flat in Greyfriars Court, Lewes.


We thought Eniola Care  was really excellent. There carers are well-trained ,with good understanding of the medical and non-medical aspects of the job, including matters relating to her own health and safety (for example, the carer  strongly advised that we should acquire a hospital bed, to protect her own back – that was absolutely the right thing to do). The carer  kept all the records needed, and managed liaison with the District Nurse and the palliative care team. She dealt with a number of episodes in which Mother had severe coughing fits, and otherwise managed personal care and hygiene. Equally, they  were genuinely caring and considerate, respectful of Mother’s needs, but willing to offer company when needed; we came in one day and found the carer  and my Mother laughing and listening to big band music together. The carer  tempted Mother with little home-cooked dishes and made sure she maintained her fluid intake. At first, the carer  seemed rather shy, and we worried she would not ‘take control’, but that worry was misplaced; she grew in confidence as she settled in.


All in all, we cannot recommend Eniola Care  more highly. This experience with Mother has given us a new appreciation of how demanding the job of carer can actually be. We’re grateful to Eniola Care  for doing the job in such a professional and humane way."


Simon Maxwell


"I have been extremely impressed by EniolaCare throughout the process of identifying and then settling in a full time care-giver for my mother.

Trusting someone enough to have them move in with a loved-one is tough, but EniolaCare's clear commitment to those who help shines through and has provided my family and me great comfort"




“An excellent service. My 90 year-old mum was very well looked after by Eniola Care and those they employed, and every aspect of her care was carefully considered."


Philip Carr-Gomm


"Eniola Care has provided me with first class service. The care is very motherly and they are very caring and meet all my care needs. I am very thankful to them and am not sure what I would do without them, and am very thankful to them for providing such a high standard of care. I highly recommend them."


Major Alfred Linforth Pitman